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This website wants to put new light on allday thinking. First you see a subtle attempt to
give a practical and modern understanding of confucianism with logical and simple method.
Therefore we keep in mind, that there is a hidden intimacy between the wisdom of Confucius
and the logical philosophy of Immanuel Kant.

We do not say, that Kant is representative for "western" thinking, and also Confucius could
be seen as the thinker of todays China only with lots of concessions. But as the Chinese like
to eat using a pair of woods, we want to choose those two thinkers and to accept their gentle
propensions to a common human spirit. Kant and Confucius as a paradigmatical duet shall
effect a modern, emotional and logical philosophy.

The logical intimacy of this duet is representing the implicit crossover of critical people.
CONFUSIUS.ORG will fit, if we could show up plausible harmony "without identity" (Zhang
Qizhi) beyond cultural narrow-mindedness.

There is no place for absolute definitude of cultural identity. Because history and politics let
the outlines fade away and because retrospect and rise of schools make lots of interpretations
of old wisdom we want to quit that dilemma of compulsive self-definition and try an open virtual
and paradigmatical method.

Our paradigm of crossed assessment of a duet minds both their propensions.




Zhang Qizhi


Welcome. Confucius says
No absolute definitude
No selfishness
No inflexibility
No speculation