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Our projects are related to the five thesis of Zhang Qizhi pointed out at a conference
about the modernization in China in Germany 1988. His lecture was "The thoughts of
Confucius and the world of today". We have only a German translation (=> PDF 65 kb).

Each project will fit, if we could put up contributions to a future both with emotions and
intelligence. Doing this, there may grow the garden of respect, where people could respect
themselves. Cilivization is cultivating and emotional intelligence.

The five topics are understanding of old wisdom, plurality of cultures, moral psychology,
rationalism and historical education (mission). Therefore we try an actualization of the I Ching,
an intercultural view of China and Germany, an exploration of the book Lun Yu keeping the
logic of Immanuel Kant in mind, a simple philosophy of floating energy and some discussion of
science fiction with relevance to confucianism.

All projects shall be "Logical. Simple. Subtle." and make plausible the principle of "harmony
without identity". Up from the beginning we use the method of crossed assessment of duets.
That means to accept and to play off the "propension" of attempted duets on the way.
Doing this we are beyond the method of counting and reproducing objects. Therefore we are
nominating pregnant duets and anticipating their inner affections practically.

We see the propensions of things and we are interested in the "worlds" of things.




Zhang Qizhi


I Ching - Chi (in progress)
Lun Yu - Kant (in progress)
Floating Energy (in progress)
Science Fiction (in progress)