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What means identity in a world of charismatic egoists?

In someone´s minds we can read like in a book. Really there are lots of stereotypes
in our allday life. Mostly stereotypes of behaviour are consequences of oblivion and
neglect but not of self-cultivation. We should have good own cultivation to avoid any
washout of fairness and humanity and any catch at identities like straw.

The book of nature and the book of changes we may understand with a fresh human
logic. The modern confucian like Zhang Qizhi thinks about "harmony without identity",
that means to critizise the logic of identity we know in the "western" civilization. The
question of identity is to be authentic - of course facing the public.

In fact it is a topic of moral psychology, says Zhang Qizhi. We follow him and want to
point out the "charismatic egoism". That means, someone is able to get a situation of
personal profit, when he is able to anticipate wishes and feelings of other people - just
before those people know their own wishes and feelings. In this way charismatic egoists
pretend qualified interest without uprightness. Without getting ashamed they do not
show their own face by giving face through insidious anticipation.

The liqudation of charism is possible. The medication is the simple truth. The truth of
changes will liquidate those zero-people, say: zero-identities.




Zhang Qizhi


Welcome. Confucius says
No absolute definitude
No selfishness
No inflexibility
No speculation